Some of the MIDI mappings are mapped to wrong function - Bug DJ Pro for MAC ver 1.2.1

Even though “cue start” and “cue end” are their own selection in the midi mapping feature, for some reason Cue 8 in maps to cue start instead of cue 8. cue 4 in maps to cue end instead of cue 4 in. cue start maps to cue start and cue end maps to cue end. So we have two things that are mapped to start and end and no things that map to cue 4 and cue 8,

This is of particular frustration because I bought an additional controller so I could have all eight cues at my finger tips. I only get 6 until this bug is fixed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. add a controller
  2. Midi Configure
  3. Create a control for cue 8 in and cue 4 in
  4. Create a control for start cue and end cue
  5. done
    try your newly configured controls. cue 4 and 8 are mapped to end and start. So are end and start. No control for hot cue 4 and 8

Looks like load next track may also load previously selected track instead of current

After a careful look these are working. The problem seems to be that after it sets it correctly my midi map is then jumping to end or start. This behavior masks the correct behavior. I am using a neon map provided by DJ Stub. I just need to see if I can find the bug in the map. Please feel free to delete this post as it unfairly accuses a bug.

Now I am not sure about the load next track thing. I will dig in a bit more.

I really thought I had found something.

Hi Daniel,

could you tell us which controller you used while experiencing this bug?
I tried to reproduce your issue and mapped 

  1. Deck 1 - Set Start Point; End Point; Cue 4; Cue 8;
  2. Deck 1 - Jump to Start Point; Endpoint; Cue 4; Cue 8;
    They are working fine. Are you referring to something else?

Lukas E.