Some questions djay pro macbook

I just bought a macbook cuz to many problems on windows version.
I hope u guys understand it’s a major difference in a positive way.
No more freezes more stable etc etc.
I have a couple of questions,

First, is there a way if u sync a song it will auto sync if u press play of the song u want to mix in the other song instead of pressing sync button again?

Second is there a way it also auto sync if i press 1 of the 4 cue points? Now i need to sync/play the song first before i press 1 of the 4 saved cue points in order to keep it synced.

Thirth if i sync a song it perfectly sync but when press the 2nd/3rth/4rth cue point and pressed it to late it slowly restore the sync instead of fast sync like tractor.

Last question, i can’t find the history i played last weeks.

Sorry am an ass in this i just want to know these things.


Hi there,

thank you for your post.

The SYNC button works as play button as well if the to be synced track is not running.
While being is SYNC the Cue Points will be played in Sync, another way is not possible.
The third point is exactly the case we are treating slightly off Hot Cue usage :slight_smile:

Your history is a Library tab for its own, did you find the history tab? Which djay version are you using by the way ?

Hi there,

the sync is adjusting to tempo changes in the synced songs.
Normally the changes should not be to harsh. 
Please send us examplary videos if the changes are to heavy via



Thnx for the reply.
I use the latest version.
Slowly i get the hang of it.
All problems solved and you helped me with the history thing. Thnx!
Still problems with the sync.

For example.

1 song is playing (master)
The other song i want to bring in and press the sync button it will automatically sync like i should. But when you press sync to soon or to late it slowly corrects it. With traktor if u press to late or to soon it doesn’t matter cuz traktor knows you want to insert the song exactly on the beat marker so it doesn’t matter if you pressed sync to soon or to late, it’s always on the beat marker and perfect in sync cuz it corrects it really fast. So fast that you don’t hear it. Problem is djay pro corrects it slow.
You know what i mean?

Is there a setting it will corrects you faster?


I have the same problem. It syncs at first well, but later you hear the correction. It comes just too slow. Is there at least a workaround?