Song Grouping / Tagging

Hi there. I’m fairly new to DJay and have started using AI which has some really cool features. However I can’t find how or if you’re able to group songs together or somehow tag them when you find songs that work really well together. My question is can you do this and if so how?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch. Which exact djay version are you using? In general it is always a good idea to group fitting tracks by playlists as this is the most accessible way of grouping.

Hi Lukas

I’m using AI.

All my playlists are sorted fairly well in terms of genre / type but I really wanted to know if there’s a way of linking songs together when you discover that they mix really well together. I’ve just been writing it down as a couple of weeks break and it’s easily forgotten.

I think Rekordbox has this feature but it would be a real added bonus if Djay could do this?

Many thanks

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