Song KEY detection WRONG with Spotify (Still issues 1.0.11)

I’ve recently moved from DJay 2 to DJay Pro and I came across a problem that seems to have been an issue for some time.

I want everyone who comes across this post to TRY THIS,

*First make sure distinguish minor and major key is on in DJay Pro

  1. Look up a song from DJay Pro on Spotify. Take note of the key provided (If you have time look up a few and write them down)

2 Look up those same songs on and compare the results.

What I’ve found is often DJay pro when using Spotify does NOT provide the correct key detection. This is still a problem in v. 1.0.11 and from looking back over old problem tickets from this forum has been an issue for a long time. gets it right and uses the Spotify library.

Is there a way to be able to get the same data they provide and integrate it into DJay Pro. They also provide the Camelot versions of the keys (12B=EM, 1B=BM, 1A=Abm,…) Way useful for quick harmonic mixing.

Please help fix this, you are our only hope,

We Forgot…the DJ!

Thanks, very helpful. I am also wanting to integrate more instruments into my set, I think having my synth set up would help me discern faster.

You are saying that the wrong key given is often next to the harmonic key (they say the song is Em and it is really Dm?) in relation on a harmonic mixing wheel so it is still usable for harmonic mixing? I’ll look into this more.

Still, I would think algoriddim figuring out why their software is giving incorrect Key (60%) of the time would be something they would want to fix as the competing software does this. You are correct using ears is always good practice!

Yes ive notic3d that the detection is off as i play live keys on top of djing…40% is correct the rest is inside the harmonic scale which for mixing works…eg Am can flow into C,Dm,Em and F generally (song dependent obviously have a musical knowledge is helpful and utilizing the key up n down ability makes it flexible enough to nix within the scope of smooth transitions…
Another point remember to use your ear its a skill becoming less applied these days…

This is the whole reason why I’m not buying the software. The software seems like it’s great, especially the Spotify integration… but having the keys going all over the place makes me feel like it’s still an amateur program.