Song properties are not visible in "My Library" for some songs

With the end of Spotify support in Djay Pro, I recently switch to using only Music App (formerly iTunes) as my songs source.

I make extensive use of various tags for my songs in Music App: Star Rating, Genre, Year, Comments, …

While all the tags are properly populated for all my songs in the “Music” (aka Apple Music App) tab, I noticed that the tags are empty for a significant portion of the songs referenced in “My Library” tab.
See the screenshot attached as an example:

The bottom tab shows the content of a playlist in Music App called “$Latino” which contains 59 songs.
The top tab shows the content a playlist in “My Library” called “Copy of Latino Playlist” with the same 59 songs.
As you can see in the bottom tab, the 16 songs from "Rapunzel"down to “We are One” have rating and year, some have Genre, and comments, …

However, for the same 16 songs in the top tab, 9 songs do not have any information populated for Rating, Genre, Year, and Comments:
Samba de Janeiro, Sexual Healing, Suavemente, …

I have tried to update some of the fields of the affected songs from the Music app just in case, but it does not fix the issue.

Can you fix this issue?
Let me know if you need more information to help troubleshooting.

MacOS 10.15.6
Djay Pro 2.2.5


Thank you for getting in touch. We are happy to hear from your report and want to point out that this issue is on our agenda. At the moment the comment section of the My Library is not working with the comment section of iTunes. I pushed the topic internally and we will let you know when there is a fix.

I have the same issue, some tracks seem to lose metadata between the Music library and Djay Pro’s library. What’s more annoying is that when I try to load these tracks I sometimes get a OSStatus Error -54 as well and Djay pro can’t find the song (though if I load the same song from the Music tab it works)

Hi Lukas,
Congrats for launching Neural Mix on the Mac App, this is a great achievement, I just took the subscription. However I noticed that bug where songs tags are not shown for a subset of the songs in “My Library” playlist is not fixed in the latest 3.0 version.
Any idea when this will be fixed?
Best Regards,

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