Song Source Mismatch in Playlist

Here’s the scenario:

  • I created a playlist in my Collection.
  • I added “Apollo” by Hardwell from Tidal to the playlist
  • I found the same song in Beatsource, so I added it to my Offline Locker
  • I removed the Tidal version of the song from my playlist, and added the Beatsource one
  • The playlist shows that it’s in my Offline Locker, but the Source icon is still Tidal (please see attached screenshot)

I tried removing & re-adding the song, as well as restarting Djay. None of those worked.

Ditto that…I’ve seen that on my machine also.

I have also seen the on iOS after migrating from Tidal to Beatport. The songs still play through Beatport even though they have the Tidal icon, so mostly I just ignore it.

I would say ignore it, I still see the Spotify icon next to some tracks even if I’ve used Tidal for a few years now.

Hi @thecovenantchild,

Thank you for your post and for bringing this to our attention!

This is indeed strange behavior and I will go ahead and pass along this information to our developers for further review. I hope to update you all with a solution sooner rather than later!