Song-specific Automix Transition settings

Is there a way to set Automix Transition settings for specific songs? I have some songs in a playlist that I want to play all the way to the end, without cross fading.

Hi Matthew,

Song specific settings are not available. But I’ll change this into an “idea”.

Thank you. Shame it’s not current functionality, and hope it’s developed.

Here’s is the user story around this:

I have a playlist that I want to use with Automix, to provide a nice crossfade from one song to the next as the playlist plays.

There are certain songs on the playlist that I don’t want to crossfade at all - I want them to play to the end, and for the next song to start straight afterwards.

I’d like to be able to specify that particular songs ignore the overall transition settings, and simply play to the end. Ideally, this would be stored in iCloud so would be reflected on any device playing that playlist * song.