Song title view iPadOS

I am running the latest version of Djay 2 for iOS on my iPad Pro 11 (iPadOS 13.2.2) I cannot see the full title for songs with long titles in the library or in the loaded song field. I want to avoid playing the explicit song version on the air or at family friendly events. How can I enable view of the entire title?

totally agree with this one!

Go to your iPad settings and tap on display and brightness. Then tap on on text size. Decrease your text size until you can see your song titles comfortably. This method will also decrease text size in other apps. If anyone knows how to do it within the djay app, please feel free to share.

That helped a lot! It still truncates the title somewhat for some of the longer ones showing “cl” or “di”. Of course those are “clean” and “dirty” respectively. I wish the columns were adjustable or if the songs would show a yellow highlighted bubble popup when long-pressing. I read somewhere that was in a previous iteration of the app. Anyway thanks!