Song Transition Help

When I play a playlist in the ipad music app a song will end completely before the next song starts to play. Is it possible to get the same kind of song transition behavior with djay ? I was thinking this could be achieved by setting the song transition seconds to 0 but when I do that the song playing abruptly cuts off near the very end before finishing completely and the next song starts immediately. When I set transition seconds to 1 or 2 the transition is a little smoother but many songs still cut off before the endings have played through long enough to keep listeners from complaining about the songs being cut off. I’ve only used the djay app for 3 or 4 shows so far but I’ve had complaints about this at every show. Is there anything I can do with any of the settings to fix this? Seems to me setting transition seconds to 0 would be the solution but it doesn’t work. The files cut off before reaching the very end. Appreciate any help on this.


Please tap the Automix icon and go to “Transition”. If you want the songs to play to the end, select “0 sec” for “Trigger Before End”.

Can anyone help with this ? Thanks!

Perfect, that did the trick. Thank you !

any option for Trigger Before End to be more than 15 sec coz the music dat i listen to requires at least 30 sec