Song "wobbles" like a warped record

Using djay with Mac 10.10.3 Two times tonight and 2 times a week ago, songs sound like a warped record for a second or two and then play normally. I also have dj pro installed but still haven’t made the jump to it. Sometimes have both opened (to use spotify for songs I do not have). Too much on the memory? 16 gb memory 2.3 ghz Processor speed? Never did it before and have been using program & computer for 3 years…

I looked into on my own (Algoriddim is not exactly known for their speedy responses!) and I deleted virtually all icons on my desktop. I also cleaned up my hard drive, creating a bit more space.
I think I am only going to use DJ Pro this weekend ( I prefer djay but usually have both open for the Spotify option on pro). I’ll see how it goes.

Okay, I cleared my desktop…made some room on my hard drive (now have 188 GB avail)and it did not “warble” tonight. Used pro (I still prefer djay due to a sync issue I left on another post) but at least it did not do it.

Yes, pro and djay

I cleared my desktop off and deleted some files, freeing up HD space. Since I did that (2 jobs) it has not done it.

@Roger: Which djay version do you use? Does this also happen with djay Pro?

We are already investigating where this is coming from. If you can think of anything that might be helpful to reproduce these “wobbles”, please let us know. 

I am having the same problem when using Djay 2 and my iPad 2 Roger.

Algoriddim have provided no resolution on this yet.