Songs are frequently freezing

Using the Pioneer DJWeGo4 with iphone 8 plus, djay2, spotify (all songs downloaded) and an official short Apple USB to Lightning Cable.

Songs freeze in the middle, and cannot be restarted for several minutes. The only quick solution is to switch to the next track. This is most unsatisfactory. I got this stuff after positive reviews, and now I have a gig in a couple days that is probably going to fail.

If Algoriddim wants to save their reputation, they could give me the macos version for free in order to save my gig.

The only device by which I could make a video is the same device as the one with the problem. Since the problem only happens intermittently, I would have to have a camera somewhere running for a long time.

The problem was only occurring in one environment, so I am now tempted to think that there was some magnetic interference or something touching a cable. I moved the setup and the problem stopped happening - fortunately, my gig was not impacted, although I did feel obligated to buy the MacOSX version as a backup.

Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear that.

Can you send us an exemplary video of the issue via

That would help us a lot.

I’ve been having the same problem and it’s extremely frustrating. It’s got significantly worse since the app update.