Songs don't load instantly from browser

Hi: im having an issue: when i load a track from the browser (whether from djays library, or itunes) it takes about a bar or two for it to load. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but with stems, it causes there to either be no vocals or instrumental for a little bit! :frowning: i am running an external hard drive for all of my music, but this doesn’t happen on other software.

I am on windows 11 on a dj only laptop that doesn’t have anything running apart from djay pro AI!

Thanks for anyone who replies!

@Beepboop00 djay Pro needs time to analyze the Neural Mix / STEMS parts when loading a song. This is normal behaviour. The time it takes will be dependent on your processor power, drive speed and internet speed if you’re using streaming services. Using an external drive with slow read speeds will delay this process even further. Even then cable between your computer and the external drive can slow this process as not all USB cables are capable of the same data transfer speeds.

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