Songs from My Music Won't Beat Sync, but Spotify Songs Will?

I love the beat syncing feature on Djay 2, and have been practicing a lot from a Spotify playlist.

Recently, however, I tried using the same two songs that live in My Music on my phone, and they sound terrible. Although the Waveform view shows them to be in sync, the audio is clearly way off.

The songs are “The Next Episode (instrumental)” by Dr. Dre and “My House” by Flo Rida.

Any idea why this is happening?

Thanks for any help.

Hey Dave,
In my case, If I re-edit tracks ripped from vinyl on my sound editor.
The same thing happens to me.
It’s as if DJay remembers the original wave of a track.

I sync my “My Music” library to all my devices with iTunes. (On a Mac)
If you do the same, try this.

  1. Delete that track in iTunes
  2. Choose KEEP FILE after deleted.
  3. Sync your device to iTunes (Song should be gone in Djay).
  4. In iTunes, Choose File/ Add to library/ Choose same track.
  5. Sync device to iTunes
    DJay should re-analyze that track when you load it.
    In most cases this works for me. If This doesn’t work, try this…

I moved that track from “My Music” folder to my desktop.
Repeat steps 1.& 3. (it’ll skip step 2.)
Moved track back to it’s original location
Repeat step 4. & 5.

One time I Had to rename that Track while it was on the desktop so that
Djay treats it as a NEW track.
I apologize if this doesn’t help.

That worked, thanks very much!