Songs losing sync

hello people, ive been using djay for ipad now for about 6 months and all was good to begin with, but lately i have been having the problem that when i play 2 songs together, after 20 seconds or so they have completely lost sync. I have tried fully resetting the ipad and re-downloading selected apps and songs but the problem still comes back and today ive tried another full reset and just installing djay with a few albums but again the problem comes back. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it ? Any help will be appreciated as i have run out of ideas.


Hi Chris,

Do I understand you correctly that the same two songs did not go out of sync before?

Hi Warren,

yes thats correct I had never had any problem like this for the first 6 months of using Djay, after resetting the iPad most songs ive had the problem with have been ok but then other songs I never had the problem with then start to lose sync. Could this be because Djay has read the BPM’s wrong ? If so manual beat matching will be my solution ?

Thanks in advance

I have a simular problem. The songs I’ve imported via the Numark program from vinyl is loosing sync after about 10 seconds. Songs I’ve bought on Itunes sync perfect. Any ideas? best regards Jan