Songs not fully loading from Tidal on Macbook Air

When i pull some songs from Tidal, the full waveform is loaded but during playback only gives me about 8 seconds of playback on average. Not sure why this only happens on some songs.

Plenty of discussion here about this, but the general resolution is that you have to look in your Tidal settings of djay to limit the files it tries to pull to CD-quality. if you try to go for highest (Tidal Master MQA-encoded), djay will not know how to deal with them.
If you have an audio interface that’s MQA-certified, I wager you won’t have a problem.

Thank you that’s actually helped

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Hi @MarcPapers,

Thanks for sharing your issue.

We are aware of this bug affecting some users as of late and are continuing to track said problem.

Please note that djay is meant to handle Tidal tracks being streamed in HiFi quality; however, changing the streaming quality to high or normal has alleviated this issue for some users as a temporary workaround.

Looking forward to updating everyone on this in the future.