Songs not leaving queue after being partially played

I use Djay2 for ipad for break in play music for my son’s hockey games. I’ve noticed in the last few updates that after I play (or partially play) a song it stays on the queue. I’ve tried toggling the “remove from Queue after play” switch in Library but no luck. Is anyone else having this problem? How can I fix this becuase it gets confusing trying to remember all that I’ve played.

Thanks for the help.

Did that occur on djay 2.7.5?
What about the check mark: Is it displayed for tracks that already have been played?

I’m sorry, guys, we couldn’t reproduce this, yet.
Please try un- and reinstalling djay 2, make sure “Remove Songs when Played” is activated and try it again.

yes i have the same problem. algoridm please fix this prob!

yes. it is occur on djay 2.7.5 nope no check mark displayed for tracks that have been played. please fix this issues. futhermore the wave display lagging after i played on several hours

if i deleted this apps, do i need to repurchase the apps or not?