Songs not loading after finding in search?

I had a few instances where a song is not loading into the player. The track is found during a search but yet when I try to load, it will not.

Any suggestion?

No, not every time and that seems to be the problem. Some load, some do not.

Very random. Scratching my head over this one for sure.

Here is a screen shot… a song found via search but will not load.

I can find the song in finder and it is loaded into iTunes properly and plays in iTunes just fine…

FIXED… It was an iTunes problem, not a Djay Pro problem.

Scroll through you iTunes library and find any tracks that have an exclamation point next to them. (!)

These are the files that won’t load in Djay Pro. Fix, relocate or delete these files in iTunes and they will be fixed, relocated or deleted in Djay Pro.

Does this happen every time you want to load one of these concerned songs? Can you sent one of them to “”, so we can try to reproduce this? Thanks for the help, Scott!

Hello I have the same problem. How did you fix it?