Songs stuttering using Djay2 and Djay Pro with iOS 9.3.1

Using Djay2 and Dj Pro, songs are stuttering / hiccupping when using key lock on iPad 3 with iOS version 9.3.1. Songs play fine when key lock is disabled. Tried Djay 2 on another iPad with older iOS version, and it does not have the same problem. The only solution is not using key lock. Very Frustrating.

12 months later and obviously no fix for that issue in sight.
I’m having the exact same problem (iPad 3 /// iOS 9.3.5 /// djay 2 and djay pro with latest patches) which makes both apps completely unuseful for me. That’s frustrating as hell 'cause I’ve paid for both of them.

Yeah, it’s exactly as maurizio T says. The stuttering only appears when using key lock - which is unfortunately a primary function of the app.

But, however, this problem was already celebrating it’s 1st birthday - so I lost all hope that algoriddim will ever get rid of that (obviously) unavoidable obstacle on it’s way to create a fully working DJ app. Shame on you. But please have shiploads of fun with my money.

Oh, and I really would like to send a video of your failed attempt to create DJ software - but unfortunately the iPad is a product of Apple… an idiot concern that don’t let you record your own screen.

Well, still frustrated, annoyed and angry I’m deleting the app again before I throw my iPad against the wall.
Thank you for nothing.

More time is passing by. Much more.
Well, there’s still one problem that seems so fuckin complicated that it’ll never be fixed. That’s ridiculous and embarrassing as hell - and makes me so fuckin angry in the face of so much ignorance. Why you absolutely don’t give a shit about your consumers?
I now threw away my mixing hardware (Numark iDJ Pro - bought for 300€ - thanks for that waste of money, algoriddim) and deleted all of my algoriddim software. Thanks for nothing and see you in hell, you fuckin jerks.

Lukas any updates in this issue? I’ve been waiting for months to get this fixed.

The iPad 3 is SIX YEARS OLD. Of course it runs slowly and doesn’t do everything the new iPads can do. What do you expect Algoriddim to do about that?

Buy a new iPad and quit whining.

Hi there,

thank you for your post.
We are sorry that you have to experience this stuttering audio. Could you please contact us via “”?

Thank you in advance,
Lukas E.

Hi there,

have you updated to the latest djay 2 and iOS version?

Lukas E.

Hey Matze Wetzel,

we are very sorry to hear that and know this is frustrating.
Can you send us an exemplary video of the explained behaviour via

Cheers,Lukas E.

Replied in other thread.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I have the same issue on my iPad 3. Any suggestions on how to fix this nuissance?

I’ve stated this in another post but this is happening whenever you have the key lock on and move the pitch,if the pitch is on 0 then it doesn’t stutter/hesitate,
With key lock off there is no problem…
I have an ipad 2 running ios8.4 and it works perfect as in no hesitation when key lock is activated,
My ipad 3 with ios 9.3 does however have this issue…

Please fix this as it is so frustrating…

I don’t see why they can’t just easily send out an update for this fix,this app is rarely sending updates and bug fixes compared to other apps…

from what l’m seeing it’s only affecting ios 9.35,

surely it can’t be hard as ios 8.3 isn’t affected nor is ios 10.3…

l’m lucky to still have an ipad that l haven’t updated yet (and won’t) but it’s only a 32gb but my other ipad which is 64gb has ios 9.35 and has the problem and ideally l would prefer to use that to store more songs…

please,please help us…

Coincidentally the app update has just been released but unfortunately l can report that the problem hasn’t been fixed,can’t understand why not though,
Lukas can we please have a fix or at least an explanation as to why??

That’s what l ended up doing…l bought a 64gb ipad air 2 and it works flawlessly,its lightning quick compared to my old iPad especially when l need to analyze tracks…

any fix @lucas?