Songs sync to half or double BPM above 33.33% or below -33.33%

This is a longstanding issue I have had with djay for years, in djay 2, djay Pro, and the new djay.

When I try to sync two songs, if the tempo slider goes above 33.33%, the track on the other deck syncs to half bpm.

By the same token, if the tempo slider goes below -33.33%, the song on the other deck syncs to double bpm.

This happens regardless of what tempo range is specified.

This is an undesirable behavior. The tempos of the songs should match exactly as long as they are in the same range of each other.

Over the past years, I have emailed Algoriddim twice about this issue. They said they passed it on to their dev team, but the issue is still present. Not even the most recent update which supposedly “improved sync state behavior” fixed it. This makes me very very upset.

iPad Air 2 (iOS 12.1.4)
djay v. 3.0.8

Thanks for pointing this out. The current behavior tries to sync to the closest possible range, i.e. if syncing to the same BPM will require a 40% change whereas syncing to half/double BPM would require a 20% change, it will pick 20% (half/double) as to minimize the jump in tempo. However, I agree that in various circumstances your above described behavior feels more natural and predictable. Beyond improving the actual sync algorithm, we have been working on improving the tempo sync ranges you refer to above as well. It’s currently being tested and will be coming in one of the next updates.

To clarify, you would want tempo sync to always match the other BPM regardless of the tempo range, correct?

I would want tempo sync to always match the other bpm if it is within the tempo range I specify (8%, 10%, 25%, etc.).