sort by BPM gets unset when changing playlists

if i choose to sort by bpm in the full screen library, then click on another playlist, the bpm sorting gets turned off. i expect it to persist as i browse around.

the way bpm sort button works is also glitchy if the playlist is long enough for the tracks to scroll off the screen. it’s fine when i toggle to bpm low to high, then bpm high to low, but when i tap again to get bpm off the row containing the button jumps off the screen.

i think the best fix for this would be to move the sort button to the top bar where cancel and search are. the options would be title, bpm up & bpm down. it could be a radio button with those options or a toggle as it is now.

i just downloaded this 1.5.1 update via iTunes and this isn’t fixed… is there a beta or something we can have access to with “solved” issues taken care of?

@warren This is marked as solved but I’m still experiencing the issue in v1.5.1 for iPad. When can we expect to get the fix? Thanks!

Still not solved in the 1.6.1 update

I usually have my library arranged by BPM, so it’s really a pain in the ass that the iPad app doesn’t remember your previous position in the library when you re-open it. (especially in huge playlists)

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Library doesn’t remember position (when arranged by BPM).


Please take the time to read my post before merging it with an existing thread. I’m referring to the fact that, every time you open the library, it takes you back to the top of the list, rather than the position you were at last time you opened the library (which is really annoying). Thank you for your help!

I would love to see this solved. The issue of choosing to sort by something, for example BPM or key, and then when you go to another playlist, it goes back to random sorting. Really we need to to stay on the sorting you choose across all folders until you change it to something else.
When im playing I find myself constantly having to click the top of the bpm column again and again, every time I go to a new playlist. It just gets in the way of you being able to easifins each through your playlists for the next song.
I’m talking about djay for Mac here, but it still applies to iPad as well I gues.

This has been fixed in djay 2.


Thank you for your support.

This is a known issue. I’ll forward your suggestion to our developers.


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Sorry, you’re right! I did read your post though, but I misread the topic I was merging with. :slight_smile:
Do you mind creating a new thread again? I can’t undo the merge.
Thank you for notifying me!

Well, I’m sure glad I read this post Starpause, because I wasn’t aware that sort by BPM was available at all. Gonna check it out right now, thanks.


never mind, as usual the forum confused me and I thought I was in the VJAY section. As you were.

This is a fantastic idea and will help me with locating the Bpm button much easier

Yes it’s getting really annoying having to scroll back everytime to where I left off, if I can open song list and it’s at the same place I left it it’ll be soo much better!