Sort music library by Comments in the ID3 tag!

Missing this in an otherwise perfect App.

I use Mixed in Key and the keys are stored in the Comments field in the ID3 tag. That’s the workflow I believe most people are used to even when toggling between iTunes and rest of dj software.

It’ll be really useful if there’s a Sort by Comments in the next DJay2 update.

of course! :slight_smile:
We read all suggestions!

I love djay but this is one area that it sucks, please add sort by comment in the record case.

I am very disappointed with algoriddim because you keep adding S**T like Spotify that I don’t need yet you can’t re-add this simple feature. Wake up… Or at lest answer us.

I was preparing tracks for the first time use with djay 2 (have the 1st version also) and I was shocked by the fact I cannot find a way to see any other field than the standard ones.

In the first version, i used to put the combination of the fields in the ALBUM tag so I can somehow browse and see what I need, but the library in the new version is just horrible - column widths are set with no context, they are not resizable nor you can see the whole fields at once. Really a mess IMHO. Tried to stuff the data in the genre tag, but that ing doesn’t work at all. I can’t see any genres listed…

After reading some user experiences with djay2 and bpm and sync issues, I think I’m going to use the original djay…

Agreed! I also use the comments field to store characteristic info about each tune, so that I can search for those tags. (e.g. perhaps to search for all the tunes I tagged as “chill” in Deep Dubstep genre, etc.).

The interface and visual design are spot on. And how cool and convenient to dj with a lightweight iPad and still looking the traditional turntable way!

Just waiting for this one feature update before I’d give this App a road test and impress my mates. Haha!

Come on Algoriddim! Update please!!

Algorridm, are you reading this?

Thanks for reading. Are you acting on it then?

Waiting for this to happen so that I can stop lugging the S2 and MacBook Pro to gigs.

Thats very Important for me. I have a lot of Informations stored into the comment field. Please add this powerful funktion.

Algoriddim!! Whats the problem with this function?? Why do you ignore this powerful requirement. Please update the app!!

Was about to create a topic about the same subject. I use Keyfinder software for adding the songs key and currently add it into the song title, not ideal but works for now, being able to see comments would be so much better as i have the key info stored there aswell.

this is the reason why I use “dj player” there you can see/sort your/by comments… i like djays’ style more but without this feature it is useless for me… :frowning:

I agree - add my name to the petition for an update - view/list by comments on ALL platforms - including iphone.

I would like to sort by comment (like Lee Ambrose I have to rename my tracks with the key).

More than this though I would like to be able to read the comment underneath the waveform - one scrolling line would be enough. I put In and Out timings plus key info for each track here to get the best mixes. This function could be toggled for users who do not need it.

Please, please, please for the next update. Then it is a pro app!