Sort order in Djay Pro 2

what sort order does DJAY Pro 2 use for folders from My mac/Finder? I have them all setup in 01-50’s, 02-60’s etc etc…and nothing is in that order or alphabetical for that matter. in the folder itself I can click on the column headers and I will change things but numbered songs, for example a wedding that I set my playlists ahead of time and create names of files with 01-entrance of parents, 02-flower girl etc etc…doesn’t stay in that order either.

any help would be appreciated,
thank you

Do you sync your music through iTunes?
If so, check that column of desired order.

Hey Ken,
True, I use Djay on all apple devices. That feature is not available on iOS…yet.
With iTunes the iOS devices will respond to exactly what you’re looking for. But the Mac version sorted the songs as you explained. Think that’s why Djac Mac version has that feature.

HI LaidBackFred,

thanks for taking the time to answer. Unfortunately, I seldom use Itunes. And the example you gave above can be done within Djay Pro as well, when clicking on any header within a given folder.

But trying to change the folder order is not possible within Djay.

if you look at the screenshot below, look at the Dropbox folders and the order they are in. all jumbled, but if i showed you my ‘finder’ view of dropbox its Alphabetical.