Sort Playlist by GENRE

Hey Guys,
Have recently purchased Djay Pro for mac and are loving the spotify integration.
However, to be able to use it properly, we need to be able to sort our playlists by Genre.
Is this something you could look into?

Great to hear you’re loving the app. As for your question, the genre tag is not accessible for streamed tracks, so currently you can only sort by Genre for songs that are stored locally on your device.

As far as I know there isn’t a genre property. You can use the Browse section to find music by genre but that probably won’t solve your problem of sorting existing playlists.

Hey David,
Thanks for the info, i haven’t really tried using my own tracks as spotify has everything (pretty much). Does the fact that SPOTIFY itself doesn’t have a genre sort column have anything to do with it not being accessible in Djay Pro? Cause im on their back to make that change also… Just not really getting anywhere!