Sort Spotify Playlist

Is it possible that there will be a sort function for the spotify playlists? E.G. Sort by alphabets? It would be very nice and comfortable. =) Cause its hard to find the right list if you have many of it. :wink:

The lists are presented in the same order you have them in Spotify. Simply go into spotify and order them the way you wish, then launch DJAY or use the RELOAD LIBRARIES menu option and the Spotify lists will refresh to how you have them set in Spotify.

Hi JulesTonic,

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Which djay version and operating system version are you using?

Lukas E.

Thank you Compufix for your reply.

As stated, this works in order to change your Spotify sorting.

We also added the request to our user request list.

Thank you for sharing.

Hi Lukas,
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I ́m using MacOS Sierra 10.12
and DJ Pro Version 2.0.14