Sound distortion and slowdown on galaxy tab s2

Is djay compatible with tab s2 ?

Hi Simon, 

first of all thank you very much for contacting us.
Djay 2 is compatible with any android device running version 4.1 or higher.

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I have the same problem. Playback of a song is slowed down, especially when the song is not fully loaded, but also after it is loaded, it randomly slows down.

The sound is distorted almost continuously and it really makes the app unusable on the TAB S2.

This is a high-end device, so I would expect it to work perfectly. This is really annoying, as i love the app and want to use it for dj’ing on parties.

I’ve got the same trouble…please, could you fix this problem?

I’ve never managed to solve it ,and I bought the pro version, my work round has been to borrow my wife’s iPad which it works perfectly on…