sound distortion from update mac sierra 10.13.2

when I recently updated mac software to mac sierra 10.13.2, sound distorts from denondjmc7000

I have this exact problem. Everything sounds fine but after a few minutes the sound starts to distort and quickly becomes terrible. I’ve contacted Denon and they did not have any advice but suggested the problem was software related and likely related to the USB buffer. Can this setting be adjusted somewhere? Has this hardware software combo been tested both the Denon and Algoriddim sites claim this should be supported.

Tested in the previous version of the OS 10.13.1 with a near identical laptop same version of DJay pro 2. There are no issues certainly seems to be directly related to the OS update that is the only change I made. Algoriddim does this mean an software update is required or is there a setting that can be changed.

Any update on this or others having the same problem?

This problem has been resolved by a new firmware version from Denon:

Link is off the Denon MC7000 page:

Link to the new firmware:…

Hope that helps.


Same issue!!!

Same problem

same problem with OS 10.13.3 version