Sound distortion in recordings from DJay ver. 1 and 2 on iPad 2

When I’m recording my mixes from DJay the recording has distortion in the mids and highs, making it unusable. I’ve had this problem for the best part of a year, both in DJay 1 and DJay 2, which I upgraded to, hoping it would solve the problem. It’s nothing to do with the cable or split output (not should it - if the recording bypasses this and goes straight to the hard drive).

I’ve wiped my iPad, re-installed the app and reset all my settings but no improvement. The strange thing is that when I bought the app first, using it with the same iPad, it recorded just fine. Then, all of a sudden, I just couldn’t get it to record without heavy distortion.

I’m reluctant to conclude it’s the hardware but it may be the problem. Is there anything else I can try before either upgrading my iPad or buying an alternative console?