sound distortion


i have recently bought Djay Pro 2 because I wanted to use the Spotify feature that I don’t have in Serato or rekordbox. I am using a Pioneer DDJ SR.

I can not play either my own library or the songs from Spotify without having distortions all the time. This happens even, when my controller is not connected. I already used auto-limiter and/or auto-gain … without solving the problem. The waveform seems to struggle from time to time and it looks like my 2015 13’ MacBook Pro is not powerful enough for Djay Pro.

Why is this happening, even thought every other Djay-Software is running flawlessly?

I like the overall look of Djay Pro 2 very much and would like to use the software, but like this, I can not, and I can not recommend the software at all.

Hi there, 

I am very sorry to hear that. 

Could you send us an exemplary video of the explained issue via

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.