Sound Fx fade out once turned off instead of cut offl?

this app is magnificent and I enjoy using it so much!

but it would be great if the Sound Effects are more advanced, the Pioneer mixer effects is a great example. If you compare the ‘Pioneer Echo’ effect to the djay Echo effect once you turn off the echo on the pioneer it slowly fades out as the djay echo cuts off imminently. I think it would be great if the effects would gradually fade out instead of cut off.

many thanks Rhys - Apple iPhone Dj

I totally agree, I always thought they should have the fx on the post fader as opposed to the pre fader. The fx would sound more natural when you switch them off and on. Hope they implement this soon to add to a near perfect product.

Having said that , you can still get some other pretty cool fx which sound good as is, so it would be good to have maybe a switch in the options for fx to either be pre fader or post fader. Just a thought.

I would like to bump this idea, because I really miss it.

Just got the beatpad 2 and looking for the echo effect. Where on the software or controller do I find it? Thanks.

The current version of djay pro still cuts off the ‘echo’ effect, which limits our ability to make a smooth transition to another song.

Does anyone know when this will be fixed?