Sound only in one speaker with Numark DJ IO 2


I’m using djay Pro v1.1.3 on Mac OS X 10.10.5 with the Numark DJ IO 2. I have selected the following devices in settings:

Output: DJIO 2 ch 1+2
Pre-queue: DJIO 2 ch 3+4

However, on the main output, I only hear the sound in the right speaker and nothing in the left. On the pre-queuing on my headphones, I only hear sound in the left headphone and nothing in the right.

Is it possible to get output in both speakers / headphones?

Thanks for any assistance!

Found the problem! It was actually down to a faulty speaker cable AND the headphones. I changed the headphones over and sound came out of both headphones, so then I started to suspect cables, and when swapping things around narrowed it down to a cable, which I changed, and now I have sound in both speakers :slight_smile:

Sometimes you really have to start low level to solve such issues.