Sound output is distorted under Mac Big Sur Beta


I installed Big Sur Beta on my MacBook Pro and the sound coming from the default output speaker sounds distorted. With all other software, the sound is clear. I didn’t yet try to run it with my DJ controller yet but suspect it will also be that way.

Does anyone have a solution on clearing up the sound?

Maybe there’s an updated driver for Big Sur?


Is anyone else using DJ Pro 2 with Big Sur like I am? Surely someone else has the same distorting sound issue with DJ Pro 2?

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Hi Emad

I have the same problem. I just updated to Big Sur and distortion started.
Any idea how to fix it ?

Hi guys,

Could you please tell us what version of macOS are you currently running?
Could you update to macOS 11.1? Let us know if the issue persists there.

Hope to hear from you again.

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