Sound quality difference between Serato DJ & DJay Pro Mac

So I have purchased a Pioneer DDJ SX2 mostly due to the Denon MCX8000 not being natively supported by Djay Pro. Since you get a free Serato and Serato Flip license with the purchase of the SX2, I naturally started experimenting with it. While mixing a set, I noticed the sound was pretty bad no matter what I did with the eq settings. This was running a 15" powered Alto TS115w speaker. I tried using my JBL lsr305 powered monitors and it sounded a little better, but still bad. I decided to try mixing with Djay Pro on the same set up and the sound difference was very pronounced. More punchy bass and a more nuanced and natural sound. My question is: what sort of sound enhancements or processing are present in Djay Pro? Something must be different from Serato Dj that makes the sound in Djay Pro so much better. My old Denon MC4000 sounded lovely, so I assumed it was Denon sound quality over Pioneer (even though said Pioneer DDJ SX2?os more than 2x the price of the Denon). If anyone can tell me he sound processing specs used in Djay Pro. I would appreciate it.

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Your def not crazy bro… I’m experiencing this now with both programs. Djay pro has much more crisp stereo sound. No matter what I try I can’t get serato to come close…

I am also using Serato, so i know a lot the sound differences between Serato and Djay pro.

Djay Pro sound wider, more bass and clearer. Serato DJ sound close to the mono sound, no stereo image and the high sound harsch.

Ticket to Serato Support has been sent to inform them that, i will add your post into the ticket :wink:

No clue what exactly has been done to provide such sound color…

MC 2000 with an audio dj 2, I like a compact setup

Thank you. What controller are you using if I may ask?

I’m a Denon guy. Just sold my MC4000 and purchased the Pioneer DDJSX2. I really enjoyed it, just wanted a four channel mixer. I’ve only had it for a few days and I already have it up for sale because I would like to purchase a DenonMCX 8000.