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What is the sound quality playing songs from spotify with algoriddim nowadays??

Guys, check out the latest djay Pro update! djay Pro 1.1 can now change the Spotify Streaming Quality from ~160kb/s to ~320 kb/s.

@Gunter: Yes, your device is able to run djay Pro!


If u look at the other posts the folks at ago say djpro is about 160k my tests show higher. Around 192

Search “current default sound quality”

Spotify Premium 320K…

Your posts are very cryptic. one of your posts asks: “Also for the songs from spotify?” to which I replied 320k and sent the spotify info. Did you search the forums for “Current Default Sound Quality”? Algoriddim states 160K for Pro.
I cannot assure you of anything other than what’s been stated in previous posts. Hope this helps.

several ways to test but the best way to test would be to hook the AUX output of the phone to spectral analysis software on a computer and examine the graph for compression artifacts, in addition to measuring the bit rate.

Here’s another way however, not without conflict. Bottom line, most DJ’s speakers distort so badly that the rate doesn’t really matter IMO. :slight_smile:…

BTW, I wish my German was as good as your English Gunter! :slight_smile:

Are you sure?

Because a year ago it was only 96 kbs

Also for the songs from spotify?


Where can i find those posts?

I know that soud quality from spotify is 320 k Premium.

But i heard that using those songs in Algoriddim is only 96K, so jou can assure me that songs from spotify used in algoriddim are 320 K?


English is not my first language that’s the reason why i am not that clear.

Thx for your posts, i get the picture now :slight_smile:

I’m interested in how you test the soundquality? Because in your first post you said that your tests show 192k in stead of 160k?

Regards, Gunter

Can i run algoriddim pro on a apple probook 2.2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor?
Running on OSX 10.9 Maverickx?

Regards, Gunter

How can i change it?