soundcloud dont analyse bpm and key

I just started to use soundcloud on here in stead of Spotify. Now when i load my playlists it donst analyse bpm or key until I bring the song to the deck. What is the issue and how do i fix it. The easy way will be to buy Serato and keep on gong. 

Well, what I’ve checked so far is that Spotify metadata contains fields for bpm & key. Although not all artist haven’t provide that data when uploaded into Spotfify servers. Also Spotify api for developers have functions to read the data from the Spotify server.

At least the souncloud api has method to retrieve the data from soundcloud and it got needed fields

So my guess is that Soundcloud metadata in server side doesn’t have that data available. So can’t show if the owner of the song haven’t filled it in.

I don’t have soundcloud +, but this is the dialog what I need to fill in for my tracks:

So there is no point of changing to other software as they all behave the same. If no data is available on the soundcloud server, you need to load the track to deck to get it analyzyed.