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When logging into your SoundCloud account is says that you already had an active SoundCloud go + subscription.once going back onto the app it doesn’t log me into my SoundCloud account, any ideas ??

logging into soundcloud account within djay? and then going back to soundcloud’s app?

I’m not sure what your question is - you’re asking why you can’t login to both places at the same time?

do they have the limitation that only one user can be logged in per account at soundcloud?

Hey @Lewis_Major - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post.

As a first step in resolving your issue, could you please explain further what exactly your issue is / what you are trying to do?

As many details as possible would be most appreciated. Feel free to upload any screenshots that might help us better understand the issue as well :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. I’m in the djay app on my iPhone, which prompts me to login to my soundcloud account. It takes me to SoundCloud to login and then when it redirects me back to djay it doesn’t register that I’m logged in. The same loop happens over and over again

I’m having a similar problem. I’ve subscribed to sound cloud go+ and djay pro to stream and mix good songs. My sound cloud links to djay, but I can’t play the GO+ songs. It replaces them with different, non original, version.
Just updated iPad to latest ios. Wondering if that of an issue.

Hi @DC-82 and @TheBilliums we’ve tested this internally on several different iOS devices and are not able to reproduce the issue.

  1. Are you able to login with the same credentials directly to outside of djay?
  2. Can you please confirm that you are not using a VPN on your devices?
  3. Can you also try logging out of your SoundCloud account on all other devices then logging in again via djay Pro AI?
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I was able to fix the issue after logging out of everything. Thank you!

You’re welcome @DC-82. Glad that worked.

I will try logging out of all devices and logging back in. I only tried that on one device. Sounds like that may be the fix! Thanks for the help. Wish I would’ve had this for my gig last Saturday. :slight_smile:

Seemed to work for me as well. Very strange. Thanks for the help!

Excellent! You’re welcome @TheBilliums.

This has been an on going issue I would love if you tried fixing this bug since I have dj events coming up soon. The main issue with the button is it doesn’t open the link to login.

Hi @Its_benjiro, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you’re having issues logging into SoundCloud on djay Pro AI. To help me troubleshoot your issue, can you please provide some more details?

  1. iOS version?
  2. What iOS device are you using?
  3. What version of djay Pro AI are you using?
  4. Do you have an active djay Pro AI subscription?
  5. Do you have an active SoundCloud Go+ subscription?
  6. Can you please provide a screen shot with the login issue?


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