Soundcloud integration in DJay on iPad

Hey DJay Team!

Sadly you will have to stop your great integration of Spotify. This was a unique selling feature for DJay on iOS! No other app has that!

So I migrated my playlists to soundcloud as probably many other of your users. That worked well.

No I thoroughly tested your soundcloud integration. Here are some results:

Technically the integration is fine. Playlists are shown, loading and streaming tracks is fast.

But your soundcloud UI in DJay is a mess! :slight_smile: You really need to work on this!  Do not use popups over popups of popups!

This is particularly evident in the soundcloud search in the Djay app:

Current behaviour of DJay on iOS iPad

  • Open the track browser
  • Click on soundcloud icon
  • Click on search icon -> a popup opens  (and even worse: This popup has a black background that cannot be distinguished between the black background of the track browser. So one doesn’t see the border of the popup)
  • Click on the three dots next to a track in the search result -> another popup opens over the search result popup

Desired behaviour

  • Show search results full screen in the track browser
  • The search results also contians playlists: Make it possible to add a playlist from the search result to my own soundcloud library.
  • Make it possible to like the currently playing track loaded into one of the DJay decks.
  • Make it possible to jump to the currently playing track in the last opened playlist.
  • Mark the currently playing track more prominent in the track browser.

yeah same request for Beatport playlists :wink:
we definitely need a more convenient to manage tracks from within Djay