Soundcloud Playlists

I have a Djay Pro, Soundcloud Pro Unlimited and Go+ subscription.

I can make a playlist on a device and it syncs across all platforms but I the Djay Pro app not all the tracks appear… No artists block content from being used? If so can I filter them out of searches on the soundcloud app? They do not come up if I search with the Djay Pro app. Thanks.

Hi Alex, Could you record an exemplary video of the explained issue? That would help us a lot. Thank you in advance.

Sure. I’ll do it tonight.

I’ve worked the first bit out… Artists can tag content that they don’t want to be able to be played outside the soundcloud app. This must be the case, a soundcloud issue with regard to filters (not the only on). I’ll just have to continue to make playlists and check if using the DJay app if they are allowed. Shame there aren’t better filters on souncloud and bpm analysis!