Soundswitch and DJay - is it possible???

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to intergrate Soundswitch with Djay Pro AI?

I purchased a Soundswitch subscription as they had Djay as a compatible app on their site though Ableton Link and have followed the tutorials on setting your songs up in Soundswitch and link through Ableton Link and it appears as though Djay recognised the link but it doesn’t perform the light show. Can this actually work or am I wasting my time?

Any help much appreciated



i’m trying to figure this out myself.
did it work for you?

Hey guys,

Thanks for bringing SoundSwitch up in the Algoriddim Community.

I’d like to point out that SoundSwitch, as far as I am concerned, is not officially supported on djay. Their website states djay is supported but you’d have to ask them how to set this up. We apologize for the inconvenience.

You can reach out to SoundSwitch here.

I believe it works through AbletonLink. You can activate AbletonLink under “Advanced” in the djay for Mac settings.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about djay. I’ll be happy to assist you.

Cheers, G

It would be really amazing if Algoriddim DJay Pro AI would integrate fully with SoundSwitch. Right now I have to use Ableton link which works ok but limits me to playing autoloops.

Hi everyone
I think it’s about time we see Soundswitch integration with Djay. Most major players are already doing it such as sorato and Traktor and Virtual DJ. I’m sure everyone would agree with me.

Hi @Pedram_Shad,

Thanks for the great suggestion!

There is currently another thread with the same suggestion in which I will merge this thread into so stay tuned for new updates regarding Soundswith and djay.

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SoundSwitch is really great and I would love Algoriddim DJay to support it.
The way Algoriddim DJay handles video and automixing and stems separation is the best in the industry. Also I think it does streaming integration beautifully. Its my favorite DJ software by far. But I am going to need it to work well with my lighting, which it doesn’t do.

Yes, I can switch to Serato DJ (Which doesnt do automixing or stems and does video less well) but does do soundswitch, or to Virtual DJ, which does stems and automixing better than serato but not as well as Algoriddim DJay.

I know that mobile DJs aren’t a focus of Algoriddim but the combo of Algoriddim DJay and an Ipad is superportable and powerful. Adding lighting into that mix could really be a game changer.

Is there any plan to support Sound Switch in DJay Pro AI. I would much prefer to use DJAY Pro over Virtual DJAY, but right now it is the only software I have found that has an automix (which is inferior to the automix in DJAY Pro AI) and Sound Switch and can support mixing and displaying Music Videos. I need all three. I could have all three with using Engine Prime and the hardware itself or Serato DJ Pro, but there are times when I need to step away and keep the party going. Having automix keeping things running is really helpful for me.

Hopefully other mobile DJs will ask for this feature and you guys can add it to at least the mac and IOS versions of DJ Pro AI. Its damn great software.


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Hello, I also asked about this some time ago. I have exactly the same constellation. I need video, automix and sound switch. Therefore, I have currently switched to Virtual DJ even though I have an active DJAY license. DJAY Pro is a great software but some things are just not quite so far.

When the sound switch interface comes, I am 100% DJAY Pro user again.

Hallo, ich habe vor einiger Zeit auch diesbezüglich schon angefragt. Ich habe genau die gleiche Konstellation. Ich brauche Video, Automix und Soundswitch. Daher bin ich momentan auf Virtual DJ umgestiegen obwohl ich eine aktive DJAY Lizenz habe. DJAY Pro ist eine Hammer Software aber manche Dinge sind einfach nicht ganz so weit.
Wenn die Soundswitch Schnittstelle kommt, bin ich zu 100% wieder DJAY Pro Benutzer.

Hi @Joel_Leggett and @C.Dienewald,

I’ve moved your posts to this already existing topic thread to keep things tidy on our Community. Please read through the thread, and let us know if you have any questions! I’ll also push the topic again internally and we’ll keep this thread updated with any news.

Yes please, a big plus one for this integration.

Any news on this guys from Algoriddim?

Pm if you want :

yes, are there any integration plans for soundswitch?