Since Spotify and Tidal can not be used for public performance, would it be an idea to support ?

It’s a licens thing. Spotify and Tidal are for personal use. You don’t buy the music, you pay for access to a player for the music. Actually I guess iTunes purchases are a bit similar, but “tolerated” because of ancient legal rights, where digital music is not really implemented.
Public areas like bars and clubs pay a license, but that does not cover the music itself.

I think you may be right. But nevertheless… It’s a bit similar to stealing. If there was a legal way, I would guess at least some of us would make sure we would comply. I only play music I ripped from CD’s, or bought on iTunes when I perform for money. Spotify and Tidal are great places to learn and play.

When adding video to the performance, you actually violate even more rights, if you don’t make sure you have the right license.

Why can’t they?

I know its dodging the bullet however i highly doubt you will get “caught” playing music with spotify/tidal on your decks in a public place. Most people don’t have a clue what dj software looks like let alone integrated spotify/tidal accounts. I would not be worried in the slightest about this

yeh of course you do you perfect dj person