Speakers for home use

I’m on the hunt for some budget speakers and was wondering what others are using?

Essentially these aren’t for gigs, just for my dining room where I have the decks set up.

Obvious looking for something with minimal latency, maybe a set of powered monitors? Any recommendations?

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Pioneer DM-40 speakers

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Thanks for the suggestion, I decided to save a bit longer and settled on some KRK G4 rockit 5’s.

Must say the sound they produce was exactly what I was looking for… very crisp and punchy

Yamaha MSP3. You won’t regret it.

Minirig 2.2 set up, amazing portable sound.

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Agree with @Funkedubs - Minirigs are absolutely the way to go IMHO. So good & so versatile (e.g. if you’re going on holiday Djay Pro for iPhone/android + a single Minirig 3 is a tidy little pairing for just chilling on a beach with a couple of mates :slight_smile:


I recommend something like an old school hifi set-up.
While newer active monitor designs are convenient, old-school hi-fi style has distinct advantages.
this style of amp, technically name class A amplification, is pure in the sense you just have all the power all the time, giving you more dynamic range meaning your bass will be more thumpin’ and you’ll hear and feel the music sounding more musical.
Class D like in active monitors think that they are clever by saving electricity, but that’s not what a dj wants. having active monitors is just another way to bork you’re dynamic range along with mp3’s, stems. and all the other modern shit that ruins djing.

Also hifi speakers sound objectively nicer. they are designed to fill a room instead of be pointed at some nerd music producers ears and have no bass kick and weirdly transparent upp midrange.

I know this is an old thread, but I second the Pioneer DM-40 look. I use KRK Rokit 5 G4s on my main setup, but on my music production setup of a MPC One, Roland SP404 mk2, and Tascam Model 12, I have the DM-40s hooked up. Before I got the KRKs. the 40s were also what I used when Djing at home. They sound decent enough and punch above their price bracket . On my secondary setup I have some Mackie 3 inch speakers which also work pretty well. But yeah, the DM-40s are dope. I would imagine the more recent DM-50s are pretty good as well. L8r!