Spin 1 stops after a period of time

I have a Spin1 connected to an iPad via USB/Camera connector. Djay2 app running on a iPad3. A power adaptor is attached to the Spin1.

Everything works perfect but after a period of time, the Spin1 looks like it does a power recycle. The app on the iPad is fine and automatically reroutes audio to the iPad instead of the Spin. Only way I can get the Spin working again is to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.

Is there a reason why the Spin1 loses connectivity and power recycles after a period of time?

Hi Ervic,

Which iOS version is running on your iPad?

As an experiment, please try the following:

  • quit djay and make sure it’s not running
  • open the “Settings” app and go to “About”
  • connect your Spin
  • you’ll notice that there is a new entry saying “Spin”
  • wait and see if the Spin loses connection (make sure to wait at least as long as it took with djay)