Split audio guidance.

Hey guys, sorry if this question has been asked already, I couldn’t find anything after a couple of searches and would just like this clarifying before I look at spending any more cash…

For using split audio on the iPad 2 must I use the Griffin DJ Cable to get the output/cue to work like a real set-up or will any splitter work? (not too fussed about quality from different bits of hardware at this point). Now, I’m assuming I have things setup wrongly but the way I imagine this working is that through one plug you can put your headphones in and cue against the master, the other plug would go straight to an amp/speaker/etc. What I currently have using a fairly decent splitter is just the straight left/right split coming from both, so no matter which plug my headphones or amp are plugged into I get the cue in one ear and the master in another.

I absolutely love the app and have used it several times alongside professional setups at a number of gigs, the ability to literally be able to DJ anywhere I sit down using this was one ofthe main selling points for me so I’m happy to part with more cash for the Griffin DJ Cable if this splits the audio how I imagined but if I’m just set-up wrong then I’d really appreciate a little guidance from someone in the know before spending money on something I don’t really need.

Thanks in advance,

You are right…the Griffin DJ cable is different from regular splitter cables that simpy output 2 identical streams of audio. The app mixes down the stereo master signal and pushes this to one channel (let’s say “Right”) and does the same with the cue signal (therefore “Left”). It sends both of these 2 signals to the iOS device audio output…where it’s then picked up by the Griffin/AOIDJ/Stereo Musik Systems splitter cable. The splitter cable takes the Right channel (now in mono) and doubles it up to give you a L+R mono output, it then does the same with the Left channel from the iOS device.

The end result is that you have mono cueing and mono master output.

However, this is all the restriction of iOS and is subject to change (in fact we’re all holding our breath for iOS 6 which may bring stereo cueing and stereo master output to iPad 2 onwards - no more splitter cables!).