Split cue is not working for me?

I just invested in a UGREEN splitter cable so I could do split screen with Deejay. I watched a couple of videos it all seemed pretty straight forward but when I try it, it doesn’t work!

So I turn the setting on and have the headphone volume turned up in the settings and the cue volume turned fully down. I expected this would mean I would hear the track that is not blended in with the cross fader in my headphones.

What actually happens is the main track playing plays in both the connected speaker attached to one of the split cables and also in my headphones.

Then when I go to play the other track which should be able to be heard only in the headphones as the cross fader is fully on the other track, the cue track can also be heard in both the speaker and my headphones alongside the track playing out.

What am I doing wrong?

Also note that I have an iPhone 7 which means I don’t have a headphone jack and have to use the lightening adapter to plug in the split cable, but that should not make any difference right?

Could it be a problem with the splitter cable not being compatible with Deejay?

So what lightning adapter you are using?

This one
Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter - Apple ?

The problem with that one: it doesn’t say how many signals is going through.

3.5mm Stereo Jack Wiring Diagram is explaining what phone is expecting when it has 3,5 mm jack connector. It’s assuming that the signal is coming in from mic wire and going out for headphones left and right wires.

Technically there should not be any way forcing audio going out to the “microphone” wire

Yes I’m using the standard Apple lightening adapter which all iPhones since iPhone 7 have to use with a line in cable or headphones - one thing I really despise about Apple but let’s not go there!

After a bit of research I think it’s possible that my splitter cable isn’t geared up for such a job so I’ve gone and ordered these:


I’m presuming these will work with the Apple lightening cable, otherwise that would deem Deejay for iOS unusable for any iPhones later than iPhone 7 surely?

Hi @MattWilkie,

It sounds like you’re already on the right track with the DJ cable you’ve ordered, which is actually the same one we suggest on our website: Pre-Cueing with djay. It’s possible that the splitter cable you were previously using wasn’t a proper DJ split cable.

Just let us know if you run into any further issues after getting set up with this new cable! :musical_note: