Split Cue Monitoring Switch

In the midi mapping I have discovered rather accidentally the option to use split cue also via a controller, even if this does not support it by default (master on one side of the headphones, cue on the other side). Since when is that integrated? But what is much more important: Is there in the settings the possibility to turn that on or off permanently? I have there unfortunately no corresponding switch found …

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for asking about split pre-cue in the Algoriddim Community.

We’ve had that for a very long time.

In djay, there are two ways you can pre-cue your tracks: by using the Split Output function paired with a stereo/mono DJ split cable, or by connecting an external sound card or DJ controller. A proper DJ split cable lets you cue up the next track in your headphones independently from what the crowd is currently hearing from the speakers, allowing for a smooth mix.

DJ split cables can be enabled through djay’s Split Output function for pre-cueing. Please note there’s no way to turn this option on/off permanently. However, it should remember the last set audio settings.
All you need is a stereo/mono split cable, and djay will send the master output to the left channel and the cue output to the right channel (which is always the opposite turntable to the one audible through the master channel). You will get a binaural signal for master and pre-cueing, so you will hear sound on both speakers connected to the master channel and in both ears of the headphones connected to the pre-cueing channel. Optimal features you want to look for are gold-plated connectors for improved conductivity and better signal, as well as a durable exterior for longevity.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Cheers, G

Thanks for the feedback, but don’t get me wrong: I’m specifically not talking about the option to use a DJ split cable. The option has actually been in there for a long time. But as soon as a controller is connected to the iPad, this setting is no longer displayed in the options and can therefore no longer be selected.
What was new to me was that you can activate in the midi settings that a separate signal for master (one side) and cue (other side) is also output from the headphone output of the controller (Midi settings → Mixer → Split Cue Monitor). Is there a switch for this in the settings or is this only possible this way? In any case, I have found nothing and solved this now so that I use one of the performance pads of the controller accordingly as a switch.

Oh yeah… sorry for the misunderstanding. That’s a pretty hidden MIDI action.

What exactly is your use case?
Would you like to hear the master and pre-cueing deck in different ears?

Yes, exactly. Some controllers often offer this option already integrated in the hardware, but many, especially the cheaper models, unfortunately not. I find it very good that you can also activate and use this with Djay Pro via the software. It’s just a shame that this is apparently really only a midi option, and also that it’s so hidden. In my opinion, this is a feature that deserves more attention and could also be quietly advertised accordingly.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with us. I can also see this being an option in the pre-cue settings. I’ll push this topic internally and I’ll let you know if there’s any news on this.

Thanks again for helping us improve djay :slight_smile:

Cheers, G

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