split don't work

Hello. while having activated the spit button, and using the cable mixer reloop rmx22i the signal arrives on one channel. I bought djay 2 for Android. I have a Samsung tablet. How can I fix?

Hi there,

so you activated the Split Output and connected your Samsung Tablet with the Splitter cable to channel 1 and 2, is that correct?

Lukas E.

//edited due to wrong device

Hi maurozen,

first off, sorry that i got your device wrong.

We are sorry to hear that the split output setting is not working, could you please tell us the exact model you are using?

Thank you in advance. 

Lukas E.

You … but all and two songs of my samsung android tablet if they feel the same channel as if the stereo cannel was not split in 2 mono.

I did some testing:

The sofware for a fee iphone 5s works perfectly.

the Android paid software does not work as split.

I canceled the payment for the sofware Android. If the bug will be fixed I buy it again.

Mauro greetings

android version : 4.4.2
tablet samsung model : SM-T311
last version donloaded to goggle play : 2.2.4