split option, pre hearing doesn ́t work with djay2 and ipad air with ios 8.x

I,ve got an IPad air and djay2 with a griffin dj cable and got miself a traktor dj cable as welll. None are working with the split audio option. no Pre-hearing is possible. I just activate the spli option with the dj cable in the ipad but the sound only gets out of the Speakers. What do i do wrong?
By the way, the cables and the splitfunktion work right with my imac and djay pro.

Please check again:

  • “Split Output” is enabled
  • The volume both for your Main Output and Pre Cueing Output is raised up
  • The Pre Cueing icon is enabled for one deck (it’s the headphone icon)
  • Your DJ Cable and headphones are plugged in correctly. Some headphones have a thread preventing this…