Split Output - Loss of highs when recording (djay 2)


I am using an iphone 4 with djay 2. i use the ‘split output’ option (without an adapter - just normal headphones plugged in) so i can cue up songs in one ear, and listen to whats actually playing in the other ear.

when i record a mix with split output ON, the sound quality drops slightly. in particular the highs diminish. if i switch the split output OFF and record, the results are back to normal (highs are intact - track sounds same as original), but as soon as i record with split output ON, the quality drops noticeably. i have tested it with different tracks comparing the same sections and all lose the high frequencies.

is this just me? maybe its because i am on an phone 4? can it be anything to do with NOT using an audio splitter?


When using “Split Output”, the sound is basically downmixed to 2 separate mono signals (1 main, 1 pre-cueing). This is why you notice a slight drop in quality. Please see the following article on how to pre-cue in stereo:
Pre-cueing with multiple audio devices