Split output thru headphones and speakers

I’m using a splitter cable but when cueing I’m getting both tracks playing through the speakers. I’ve tried selecting the headphones in the app so it’s lit blue but I’m still having the same problem…can anyone help??

Dear friend I had the same kind of issue.it is not problem of the application but it is problem of the cable!you have to use a special cable(like griffin Dj cable)that splits out in two channels the sound,left and right.the usual splitter cables aren’t doing this kind of split but they split in two stereo channels the sound.that’s why you hear the same sound(both songs).the usual simple splitter cables have two outputs(1.right-left channels. 2.right-left channels).the special Dj splitter cable has also two outputs but 1.right channel 2.left channel.
I hope that I help you to understand the difference and the cause of the issue

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Hi Dan,

Which split cable do you have?

djay requires a special kind of splitter, and this has been the same since djay 1. It is technically impossible to use split output with a generic y-splitter. We recommend the Griffin DJ Cable.

I don’t think it’s a known brand, it was just one I got from eBay. But it worked fine when I had the original Algoriddim djay app. I’ve now upgraded to djay 2 and I can’t separate the outputs like before making cueing the next track hard!

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