Split output via spitkabel and 3 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

I split my output from my ipad air m2 to 3 bleutooth transmitter/ receivers. Via a usb c cable
2 bleutooth devices i put on transmitting…and the thirth on receiving for myheadphone.
I was just wondering if it could be done with no latency.
It works really good.
I hope someone can use this option.

Just buy 3 cheap bleutooth transmitter/ receiver….on amazon…and a splitter cable


Hi @DDD333, unfortunately, latency is currently unavoidable with Bluetooth transmission. While this tech is getting better, the latency is still not suitable for DJing IMO. If you want lower latency wireless transmission, you should look into SKAA.

Hi Slak_Jaw

If i use SKAA products, will ihave stereo ?
Now its only mono on the splitter cable

If you use the mono splitter cable with SKAA products it will still be in mono. However, using a mono signal in the DJ industry is pretty normal.

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I don’t have any real latency issues going directly iPad to bluetooth speakers. Like I’m sure there is a tiny bit, but it’s too small for me to notice. Any ideas why that might be? Cos as soon as you put it through a normal, off-the-shelf bluetooth transmitter - latency most definitely is a problem

I use 3 transmitter receiver bleutooth devices from the same brand.
When i use a splitter cable via a usb cable that is comin out of my ipad air m2 i have good sound.
I put 2 bleutooth devices on transmitting and 1 on receiving for my headphone