Split Performance Pad Modes

Please add the ability to Split Performance Pad Modes so the Top and Bottom rows of the Performance Pads can be different. This would be similar to what is already available on the Rane 4 and Pioneer Rev 5.

  1. Holding one Performance Pad Mode button while pressing a second Performance Pad Mode button splits the Top and Bottom rows in two.
  2. This allows you to use two Performance Pad Modes at the same time instead of switching between them.
  3. For example, Hot Cues 1-4 on the Top Row and Saved Loops 5-8 on the Bottom Row. Other useful examples would be STEMs and Instant FX or Hot Cues and Loop Rolls.

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I agree, this would be very easy to implement I am sure as we would only be utilising what’s already there but with cool enhancements.

If you use this frequently and get along well with four performance pads each, you can simply assign them accordingly via the mapping.

For sure, but the whole point is to have the flexibility to adjust the combination on the fly as needed.